Who We Are


Who We Are

Sandia Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our faith community includes the following characteristics:

  • Members and visitors come from a variety of church backgrounds, as well as from no church background at all.
  • We are good at helping people who used to attend church return to faith and get re-connected.
  • Sandia’s members have been willing to try new things as we figure out what works and doesn’t work in the new millennium.
  • Membership is not required to participate in ministries and programs. We invite people to try us out before making up their minds, and to get involved as part of that process.
  • The ministry of Jesus Christ isn’t just the work of pastors and staff. It is the work of lay people as they discover their  personal ministries. For us, the Christian faith is not just a set of beliefs but also is active involvement based upon what we believe about Jesus Christ and his personal connection to a hurting world.

We welcome you to come visit us and try our different services and activities, to find the spot that best suits you! 

Sunday Morning Schedule 

8:15am - Early Worship in the Sunrise Chapel
9:30am - Classic Worship in the Sanctuary
10:45am - Contemporary Worship in the Sunrise Chapel

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