APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee) Nominations

Open through May 16th

Sandia Presbyterian is beginning the process to call an Associate Pastor for Family Life.  Our first step is to form a committee made up of members elected by the congregation.  We are looking for nominations of SPC members to serve our church in this critical decision making process.  

Important qualifications of a member of the APNC are:

  • they are an active member of Sandia Presbyterian Church
  • they are not an employee of the church or the spouse of an employee.
  • willingness to listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit in the process. Calling an associate pastor is exercise in spiritual discernment.
  • ability to maintain confidentiality and discretion throughout the entire process

Searching for a new pastor can be a time consuming process, and APNC members should be prepared for a in depth search to find a person who will become a vital member of our community.  Please prayerfully consider all nominations.