Wednesday Fellowship

Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19.  We hope to resume in a modified format in fall of 2021!

Wednesday Fellowship nights are special times for food, fellowship, fun, and study, offering you and your family the opportunity to deepen your sense that SPC is truly your "church home."  Offerings include Bible studies, parenting, classes, children's choir, and many more.    

Dinner is served at 5:45 pm in the Gym, followed by class offerings for all ages at 6:30 pm (unless otherwise noted).

Dinner is a suggested donation of $5 per person or $20 max per family. We want everyone to come and grow in faith through this ministry, and not be held back by financial constraints. 

Wednesday Fellowship Stories


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The Hulseys' Story
April 22, 2019

Watch this interview and learn what the Hulsey family values in Wednesday Fellowship.

The Hekmans' Story
April 22, 2019

The following interview explains some of the advantages of coming to Wednesday Fellowship, even...

The Harberts' Story
April 22, 2019

This brief interview explains why the Harberts family is excited to come to Wednesday Fellowship.

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