I Believe in God, But What's Mine Is Mine

I Believe in God, But What's Mine Is Mine

October 27, 2013 | Dr. Doug Hucke

Passage: Luke 12:13-21

Most of us have a gap between how we believe we should handle our finances and how we actually do. Jesus preached often on money and wealth. Greed can sneak up on us in different forms-for many greed is really a matter of having more so that we feel safer. The spiritual reality is that we trust our wealth more than we are trust God. If you are willing to step out and trust God in faith, God will honor that trust. Build giving into your life, whether to SPC or to your favorite cause, as a means of growing closer to God.

Series Information

This series is based on Craig Groeschel's book, "The Christian Atheist," which addresses the disconnect between our belief in Jesus and the way we live our lives. What are talking about for the next month is not a bunch of rules about how to live your life. God is interested in how you live your life because he's really after your heart.

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