Jesus the Meal

Jesus the Meal

April 21, 2013 | Dr. Doug Hucke

Passage: Luke 24:28-35

Like the disciples who met Jesus on the road from Jerusalem, We all have our "Jerusalems"--places of failure and disappointment, where things did not turn out as we had planned. Hope is not rooted in what we do; it is rooted in what God has done in Christ Jesus.

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While the account of the encounter between the risen Jesus and two disciples is often called "The Road to Emmaus," it more accurately is "The Road from Jerusalem," because they are fleeing Jerulsalem, scene of despair--"anywhere but here." Like fair-weather sports fans who leave early, the two disciples left Jerusalem before the story was over, missing the risen Savior. But he came to them, and when they lost their spiritual blindness and recognized their Lord, they returned with good news.

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