Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity
Every Sunday, from 02/16/2020 to 03/01/2020, 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Do you have questions about the basics of the Christian faith? Or would you like to help someone else better understand the Christian faith? Get a spiritual growth jumpstart on the decade by joining thinking people who are reading and sharing the great classic, C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. One of the most important and popular introductions to the Christian faith, C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity continues to sell millions of copies around the world. In this book, Lewis sets out to explain the beliefs that are common to all Christians at all times. In this 9-week class, we will watch a video and talk together about important ideas that Lewis presents. We will be using a recent edition of Mere Christianity published by HarperOne, though any edition will work.

Led by Rev. Suzanne Ebel in Room 214 at 9:30 AM and repeated at 10:45 AM on Sundays, January 5–March 1.

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